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Many pack leaders vary the awards earned.  Do not interpret the information below as being
a final authority.  Especially the Sports and Academics awards


In Cub Scouts there five ranks represented on the arrow by an approximately 3/16" wide band of the corresponding color

Tiger Cub earned first age 6Orange
Bobcat ages 6 - Light Blue
Wolf ages 7 to 8 - Red
Bear ages 8 to 9 - Aqua

Webelos ("WE'll BE LOyal Scouts) ages 9 to 10 - Navy Blue

At age 10 to 11 they graduate into Boy Scouts

If you were a Cub Scout before becoming a WEBELOS scout you had the chance or opportunity to earn previous ranks.

Just because they might have been a cub before Webelos does NOT mean he earned the previous has to be earned!,  but they can still advance without earning the rank.

Most Cub Scout organizations start Cub Scouts a
t age 6 as a Tiger Cub and advance at the school year calendar
Most cubs begin their career by earning the Tiger rank.   Color for Tiger is Orange

Every Cub Scout MUST earn the rank of BOBCAT before they advance in ANY rank. Bobcat is Light Blue
There are three badge ranks: BOBCAT, WOLF, & BEAR.

Some boys may only earn BOBCAT, or some boys, Bobcat and Bear, or BObcat and Webelos. depending on when and if they completed each rank requirement.

Scout may continue to earn the next rank RED (the actual color of the patch) WOLF.

Next is AQUA (color of patch) BEAR

NOW, as a new WEBELO a boy has opportunities to earn activity badges, (pins).

There are 20 in all!! The badges are colorful little metal pins he wears on a shoulder tassel. The tassel is actually made of 3 colored ribbons about 4' long. One of green, one of yellow, and one of red..the WEBELOS colors. They are joined at the top and pins are put on the tassels as they are earned. The boy can earn as many pins as he likes. However, the more he earns and some specific ones earned carry special recognition!!!


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